Play Day Procedures

Procedures & Rules of Play

Players are paired each playday for a shotgun start at the assigned AWGA tee times. (Shotgun starts are currently suspended.  Pairings are assigned and tee times are made)

You may add your name to the Auto-Play List with the Playday Chairperson ensuring that you are on the playday roster unless you cancel for a particular playday. You may drop or add your name to this list at any time during the year.

If not on the Auto-Play List, please sign up in a timely manner with the Playday Chairperson. Call, e-mail or text no later than 4:00 P.M. Sunday.  For last-minute cancellations, call the golf course.  

For Make Your Own Foursome Playdays, you must sign up on the signup sheet (even if you are on the Auto-Play List) provided by the Playday Chairperson. If not signed up, you can play only if there is an open spot.

1.  All competition shall be according to USGA and local rules.  ALL PUTTS MUST BE HOLED OUT.

2.  A new member must meet the following qualifications:

  • a. Have an established USGA handicap index of 40.2 or less or
  • b. Have 5 attested scores from any USGA rated golf course with a score of 120 or less.  A potential new member may play as a guest up to 5 times to try to accumulate these score cards. Division of flights shall be determined at the first of the year by handicaps to make the competition as fair as possible.
  • c.  Member Handicaps will be determined on the 1st of each month and those will be used throughout that month of play.

3.  To be eligible for weekly awards:

  • a. Register in your flights on the playday sheet for your flight before going out to play.
  • b. Play within the AWGA tee times, with at least one other member of the Association.
  • c. Begin competition on the hole assigned by the Playday Chairperson.
  • d. You must play all 18 holes to be eligible for the day’s competition.
  • e. After play, record your score on the playday sheet for your flight. Signed, attested and dated scorecards must be placed in the container provided.
  • f. Adjust your score according to the USGA World Handicap System. Use your GHIN number to post your adjusted score. USGA WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM - On January 1, 2020, the new rules of Handicapping were introduced into the United States. Net Double Bogey will replace ESC. The maximum hole score for handicap purposes will be limited to Net Double Bogey (Par +2 +any handicap strokes you receive).  There is no limit to the number of holes on which a score can be reduced.  
  • g. Optional: If you would like to participate in the low putts, birdies, and chip-in competition, before play put a quarter in each pot and sign the sheet. You must post your putts, birdies and chip-ins on this sheet to be eligible to win. If you pick up on a hole, you can still win birdies and chip-ins, but not low putts. Carryovers are paid to the next week’s winners in all AWGA events, including tournaments and playdays.
  •                (1) The optional birdie and chip-in pots will be paid (if applicable) even if the minimum number of holes is not completed by all players. The putt pot will be paid if the minimum number of holes is completed by all players, otherwise it will be carried over to the next playday.
  •                (2) Guests for a playday are not eligible to participate in the birdie, chip-in and putt pot.

4.  Weekly Awards: Winners on regular playdays will be awarded points based on one winner for up to four members in a flight. Points are calculated and prizes awarded at the End of the Year Awards/Christmas Luncheon.  All team events will be flighted according to the combined handicaps of each team members.  Duplicate points will be awarded in the event of a tie.

  • a. Exception: Ace of the Month and Ace of Aces. A single winner will be determined by a scorecard playoff, beginning with the #1 handicap hole of that course.
  • b. Exceptional weather conditions: If the golf course opening is delayed due to inclement weather, an official playday will begin no later than one hour after the scheduled tee time.  If a playday is shortened by weather conditions, players must complete holes #1 through #13 or more to qualify as an official playday. At the direction of the Games and Playday Chairmen, the playday event for that day may be changed or cancelled, in which case win points will not be awarded to anyone.
  • c. A minimum of 4 members must play in order for the competition to be counted as a regular playday.  However, if there are 4-8 members competing, the Games Chairman will change the event for that day to Low Net Over the Field (not in flights) instead of the event listed in the schedule on line.

Award        Points

1st Place    3 points

2nd Place   2 points

3rd Place    1 point

ACE of the Month 5 points

ACE of ACES  10 points

All ties in flights will be given the same points according to place of tie.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS will be given at the End of the Year  Awards/Christmas Luncheon for:

  1. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each 18-hole flight
  2. Ace of the Month for each month
  3. Ace of Aces

A pin will be awarded to any member who breaks 100-90-80 for the first time during regular AWGA competition.  An Eagle pin will be awarded to any member who has an eagle during regular AWGA competition.

5. A Member may join AWGA’s Hole-In-One List for $5 and an annual $1 fee.  The total pot and a pin will be presented for a hole-in-one on any AWGA playday or tournament. If more than one occurs on the same day, the total will be shared and a new list created. In the event the fund is dispersed, there will be a $5 fee per member at that time to replenish the fund. The Treasurer will keep the member list as well as maintain the fund separate from the operating budget.

6.  A Most Improved Golfer award will be presented at the Christmas Awards Luncheon to the member showing the most improved handicap index during the year,  A member is eligible for the award if she has completed at least 20 AWGA playdays and/or tournaments.

7.  Guests are welcome on any playday on a “space available” basis.

NOTE: Please call the Vice-President with any news of an illness in a member’s family in order to notify the members as soon as possible.  The Vice-President will send a card.  A charitable donation of $50 will be made upon the death of a member or a member’s spouse.